From Dallas With Chanel

by gimmegoodstyle



What’s inside Karl’s mind when he chose Dallas, Texas as his venue for Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 show? 

Is it the cowboy tradition? Is it the barbecue (not the barbecue I guess…)? Is it the pure American spirit?

No one really knows, but one thing for sure: Chanel matched the Texas’s vibe perfectly during the show a few days ago (I was a bit late, so what?) Drive in cinema greeted the guests and people were awed by Kristen Stewart appearance, clutching her celebrity’s hands on Kaiser Karl’s arm. Yes, she is his new Chanel’s favorite. Luckily, other people (who are not as special as Kristen) were ushered to their seats (or busily selfie-ing with no less than 74 classic restored cars) and the show finally began. 

Fringe as decoration may seem a bit old-style, but not for Chanel. Bunch of dresses are channeling their fringe-it-all spirit together with cowboy-inspired boots and heavy leather brown colors. Perfect? Well, I think so…for Texas’s standard, you know.

Okay, I am totally kidding.

The show was… amazing. And plotted. The clothes morph from gypsy style to classic denim to Indian-inspired style. A faint respect for both Westerners and Native-Americans traditions. Dusty tribals dance in my eyes and big feathers (from what bird actually?) tempt my fingers to touch them. Same magic doesn’t apply for denim (feels a bit nostalgic… or long-gone-move-on-style. I can’t decide. Again), but good enough to keep me going. 

Overall, the collection feels more like couture than average ready-to-wear. I don’t know how they made all of the clothes (95 numbers, including menswear and kids), but it definitely requires a lot of artisan skills. The show ends with dramatic all-white outfit (means shirt and pants) (oh, and boots of course, it’s Texas!) with big Indian feathery headpiece.

Is a female Indian warrior appropriate to close a super extravagant show? I can’t really say it. 

But perfect? That, I can say.

Images taken from Edited by Gimme Good Style.