Hibernating (aka Rain Coat-ing)

by gimmegoodstyle


When I am not hibernating, I am busy locating my rain coats. Seriously, this rainy season is making me feel a little moody. Or lazy. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to eat (too lazy to get creative and cook something like pasta-with-veal-and-parsley-leaf-combined-with-gastronomical-grapes) (forget veal, I don’t even have proper nuggets in my fridge). In short, rainy season means hibernating for me. 

It’s not like I don’t want to go outside and have a nice rainy walk or something. Just like what I’ve said before: I don’t know where my rain coats are. Every single stuff in my cupboard is contemplating some mysterious moves to hide themselves from me. Or maybe I just don’t have anything to begin with. Time to go and buy a real kick-ass rain coat. Yes, I mean it. Kick-ass rain coat.

This might not sound important to you, but finding great rain coat means finding the right motivation to go out, and finding the right motivation to go out means no-hibernation for me, no hibernation means I don’t have to sleep all day and watch my already sexy stomach turns into it’s even sexier version. See? My whole life depends in this coat.  

Okay, let’s start then: Uhm, the requirements needed to fill in order to find the right rain coat for me:

  • Talking about length. It has to be long because I have a quite tall body. But it shouldn’t be too long until I have to make sure I don’t ruin the coat every time I walk across some filthy pool on the street. 
  • Talking about size. It has to fit me just right. Not too bulky or too warm because we are talking about Jakarta’s humid rainy season’s weather. It has to fall easily from my chest to somewhere around my thigh, but fit perfectly on my shoulders. Well, imagine Harry Potter’s robe… with hoodie. 
  • Talking about colors. Transparent. Best color ever (for rain coat)!
  • Talking about functionality (aka weight). It has to be very light (and easy to fold), so I can carry it anywhere I want without having to figure out the best way to tuck it (violently) inside my bag. BUT not too light until an easy breeze is enough to tear it to pieces. 
  • Talking about brand. I haven’t decided anything yet… but Muji can be a strong candidate. 

Hmm, I guess that’s all I need to challenge the rain (and my hibernating habit). Oh well, let’s have some sleep then!

Image taken from The Sartorialist. Edited by Gimme Good Style