David Laferriere

by gimmegoodstyle

DavidLaFerriere5 david laferriere sandwich bag art mymodernmet.com

Remember when we were still young and innocent and liked to bring super tiny lunch boxes? I remember those times very well and I hate it with all my heart. Lunch time was the time when I opened my lunch box and stared straight into disappointment. Same foods over and over again. I was so bored until I decided to play ‘change the lunch boxes’ with my friends, which resulted in something close enough to food fight.

Yes, lunch boxes fight (I was really persuasive back then). 

I blame my miserable childhood lunch moment to my parents because they’re not as creative as David Laferriere. David painted his kids lunch boxes (or plastics) with sharpie EVERY SINGLE DAY. The result is an amazing amount of crazy cute pictures (including monsters, cartoons, patterns, basically everything), which really help the appetites. Hey, it’s just a sandwich, but I am sure his kids will never get involved in lunch box fight.

P.S: Truth to be told, I really miss lunch box fight. So much fun. At least, for me. 

Image taken from My Modern Met.