Disco Ball

by gimmegoodstyle

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Jakarta has been invaded by thousands of international artists from Alicia Keys (The Girl on Fire? Remember her?) to Djakarta Warehouse Project that brought tons of international DJs (including… drum roll please…. Mr. David Guetta, Alesso, Zedd and… okay, that’s all). Man, this year’s trend wasn’t clothes or new games to play (except stupid whatever Pong Pong Pong), it was concert. Sadly, I purposely missed all of them. It’s not like I hate watching concert. I love the idea of sweating with thousand other people while trying to get a small view of what’s happening on the stage… thousands meters away from where I stand. Concert is indeed very exciting.

Anyway, because we are currently connecting in the world of fashion blogs (aw… no!) I should tell you something more ‘fashion’ before the fashion police come and shoot me in the head for making a new fashion blog that doesn’t talk about fashion at all. So… what’s the silver lining between concert and fashion? Easy. Concert outfits aka costumes aka props aka whatever-they-wear/not wear-during-performances. 

When it comes to concert costume, my favorite is Kanye West. Okay, maybe his actions aren’t cool enough lately (I am not a big fan of Kardashians or North West) AND maybe Anna Wintour did say that she doesn’t really care about Kanye’s high-fashion breakthrough (she didn’t say that, but we all know what she was thinking with those cold stares) (poor Kanye) (honestly, his collection was indeed a bit… over-the-top), still his fashion sense has outgrown other male artists. 

I mean, who want to sing/rap inside Maison Martin Margiela’s face masks. Is it possible? Where did they put the mics? Shouldn’t his voice become a bit muffled? Is it hot? Is he able to breath? How does it feel? So many questions pop into my head. 

One thing for sure though: it looks awesomely strangely terrifyingly good. Way to go West! 

Image taken from Jak and Jil