by gimmegoodstyle

asymmetric skirt again

2014! New Year! Woo-hoo! What did you do for New Year? Partied all night in Times Square? Threw your old stuffs and bought new ones? Or searched the internet for new fashion trends, which is quite a hot topic since fashion week is just 2 months from now?

I spent my New Year’s Eve by watching Project Runway (lame alert here). Okay, season 9 (so…dated!) The designers amazed me in both good and bad ways. I love to see them fight to the last drop of their bloods (or fabric) (just watched The Hobbit. Again. So dramatic, no?) But I just couldn’t hold my barf when I saw their designs. Some are indeed great… others are ‘off’. Have to quote Michael Kors here.

The judges go on and off about ‘creativity’ every single season, you know what? Screw creativity. This is a show. A TV show. You have to steal people’s attentions. America’s attention to be precise. And there is nothing westerners love more than… sexiness. Admit it! We let Jersey Shore and SATC aired for decade and skip CNN for those two (economy? politics? laws? crimes? terrorists? Who gives a shit about them?) And don’t let me talk about The Kardashians! So lame yet we keep on talking about those hotties in leotards.

That’s the  right direction!

Of course sexy can’t come as easy as snapping your fingers (I can’t snap my fingers! Don’t know why!) It needs attention and carefulness…. maybe a little bit complicated techniques, like what Alexander Vauthier does. Yeah, I know Project Runway designers don’t have the luxury of time (shame!) What comes in my mind is something simpler though. Just one item. For bottom part. Not sexy-amazing, but versatile enough to manipulate…. 

A mullet skirt. 

A mullet has short length on the front to show your legs yet keep the balance with its long flapping tail. Sexy and edgy in one shot. I don’t know why mullet is a rare scenery in Project Runway… maybe because it takes a lot of time (really? One of the designers has sewed thousands of handmade flowers in one day!) Or it hasn’t come in their minds yet. Well, if the latter is the right answer… those guys better think of this quick and make it works! 

Image taken from Carolines Mode