All Pride in Heels

by gimmegoodstyle

what men love about heels

Andrea Sachs (yes, Devil Wears Prada) (did I spell the name right? I haven’t read the book since… the sequel came out) (bah! Such a lame sequel!) says that everyone in fashion world (or everyone who is conscious enough about fashion or work for Miranda Priestly) wears heels… like all the time. She doesn’t understand why or even bother to try to crack the code.

Why women wear heels all the time? Why they bother to hurt their feet? Is it because of their heights? I don’t think height really matters because the highest heel is around… 10 centimeters? Not really helping at all. After asking here and there I get one reason why heels are always trending: they make women feel sexy, sophisticated and just like what Beyoncé always say: Who run the world? Girls! 

The answer is quite expected, but it popped another question in my head: why women think they’re sexy when they’re wearing heels? Right, I knowww… I am questioning such an obvious thing to women. That’s why I stopped asking my girl-friends (friends who are girls mind you!) and started to chat with some of the ‘men’. 

Why men think women are sexy when they’re wearing heels?

My first correspondent answer with a perfect poker face: the boobs (and butt).

Yes, when women wear heels, their bodies change into a certain position that maximize the chest and butt areas. It’s not vulgar, more like… courageous movement to enhance their physical advantages. And men love boobs (and butt). End of story. 

The second reason is… the slow movement. 

There’s a reason why Carrie Bradshaw has never run with her Manolo before. Who can do that such thing? There is a good effect when you can’t run though. When you walk slowly, there are enough moments for men to look at you wholefully. From head to toe to head again. Their brains can finally process all the crucial things needed to score a woman. Quite… egoist, but these are men we are talking about. 

And of course the fantasy… 

I think every man has watched Basic Instinct or at least heard about the movie. Sharon Stone with that white dress and white pumps, hanging in the chair with her legs crossed in such position… what man can resist such a thought when seeing a woman with heels (and walk/sit like Sharon Stone)? Heels look so sophisticated and elegant for women, but men look heels as something wild yet sexy… sexually. Such a fantasy, huh? 

Honorable answer: meet her in the eyes! 

The main reason God creates heels is to enhance women’s heights, so they can compete men in term of heights. Let me tell you a secret: men love it when someone looks straight at them in the eyes. It’s respectful for both sides, it’s intelligent, it shows confidence, it’s a bit romantic, it’s seductive, it’s the elegant way to flirt, etc etc etc. 

My head is burning now. A lot of strange answers (sexual answers) for one fashion question. I guess heels make women and men think more with their feelings than brains. But clothes are indeed emotional though, just like what Project Runway once said. 

Flats… heels.. sneakers… at the end of the day, who really cares about our feet anymore? 

Image taken from Jak and Jil