Project Olivier Green

by gimmegoodstyle


First week of school and I am ready to kill someone. Uh, more than one actually… but that’s another story. I just want to make a confession here: I spent my entire precious holiday by watching Project Runway. Online. On my bed. My laziness level just went up a million percents. The drama, the designs, the challenges, the adrenaline rushes (adrenaline?) really kicked out my ‘more diligent’ side to the end of the earth.

I couldn’t help, but frowned a bit though when my favorite designer got kicked out of the runway. Such a shame. And I had a lot of favorites. Like Olivier Green from Season 9. His simplicity, structural, neat, near-architectural designs really interest me. Maybe he wasn’t as good as Anya, who could make magic in the last minutes, but he has something… intriguing about him.

With the help of internet, I managed to sneak some of his Autumn 2013 collection pictures (not really out-of-trend!) The collection is definitely well-made. I can see the proportions of the clothes fit the models well and look almost sporty-classic-rebel-chic (back to my intense adjective use).

The coats and black dress, those two have potentials to be ‘investment’ pieces. I am just not sure about the major use of space-print (kinda remind me of Christopher Kane space prints) (with grimmer color) crossed with black colors from different materials (the leather looks promising though). His designs are not in the same level with other Vogue-designers, but he has the high fashion quality. I am sure of it. It’s a shame he is nowhere to be found after Project Runway.

Huff, keep fighting Olivier!