Break The Ice

by gimmegoodstyle


The silence is over! I am back everyone!

I know, it must be weird for you to see me giving you the infamous silent treatment, but I didn’t do it on purpose. You see, my internet had been acting weird and before I knew it, BAM! Everything’s dead. I was totally isolated from the outside world (seriously, everyone was talking things that I never heard before in just 10 days!. To make matter worse? The ‘internet guy’ never shows up because he is stuck somewhere in Jakarta. Blame the flood I say. 

Anyway, I am back just in time for Couture Week, which is without doubt, the most magical week Paris can give. The mystical (and expensive!) shows that blur the line between fiction and real world, and all the beautiful people judging silently with their sunglasses. Of course, a huge dose of drama is needed to keep the guests excited-to-death. Aw, I am in such delirious exciting energetic state now! 

Well, I just want to tell you this thing and um.. please, don’t stop reading my blog and I promise you I’ll catch up s fast as I can. No more procrastinating! No more broken network! At least, until I finish watching AWKWARD…. 

Image taken from The Sartorialist. Edited by Gimme Good Style.