Feel The Howl: Wolf of Wall Street

by gimmegoodstyle


Guys, do you know how biscuit and tea work together?

Of course you do. We all have done it a few times when we are having tea. First, we take the cookies, then we dip it inside our tea for a few seconds and (this is the best part) bite it quickly to get the perfect mix of tea and biscuits. But this pleasure can be a little bit tricky to get. If you accidentally dip the cookie for too long, it will slowly crumble, leaving you with mushy wet grain. Disgusting. The only thing you want to do with those mushy mixtures is throw it right away to nearest sink. 

That’s what happens in The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Martin Scorsese directed an elegant adaptation of one of the biggest douchebags in USA, Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street. With Leonardo DiCaprio as the main star, supported by Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, Wolf of Wall Street is one of the biggest movies in 2014, going all the way to Golden Globes and Academy Awards. The first question that has been lingering in everyone’s mind is: is it really that good? 

The storyline revolves around the life of Jordan Belfort. Starting as a poor newly married man, Jordan has to work like shit in Wall Street as a young stockbroker (connector, stockbroker, everything feels the same in my lip). His life changes when his boss teaches him a thing or two about how money goes in and out… and how to slip some to your pocket when nobody’s seeing (man, love this kind of boss!) Jordan rises quickly and in no time, he is the Wolf of Wall Street. Tricky, persuasive, charming, world-class playboy, and drug addict, Jordan Belfort has to wake up before he falls straight into his own hell hole made of money (well, technically made of stock papers, but whatever).

First thing that comes up in my mind: Leo DiCaprio knows how to act like a frequent drug user. Second thing: this movie is great, but very very VERY long. Well, don’t push your luck this time movie-sleepers. The story goes up and down with no sign of endings or climax or anti-climax, which is great because drama can be very boring without this kind of… wave. I personally like the way Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio draws Jordan Belfort. He was a good man before money corrupts him, and that corrupted mind will go all the way until the end of his life (the money stays. That’s the best thing about karma). A bit cruel, but really delivers the moral of the story. Praise for Jonah Hill, who is very successful in delivering stupid-yet-sincere best friend, cheering up both Jordan and us all the way until the credit ends.

Of course, the language is not appropriate. Man, never heard people saying that many harsh words in one sentence. Damn, fuck, asshole, bitch, slut… brace yourself parents because even my ears get red during the movie. And yeah… it’s not really a good thing to show strippers (or drugs)(or people shouting to each other)(or cops arresting men with all those scary expressions) to children, even when the scene is actually in the office. 

Children purity aside, this movie is really worth the hours. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a stronger performance than Gatsby (which is, let’s admit it, a flunk). The story is solid, even though a bit long. The moral is great (too much money = mushy wet cookies). And the whole cast really uplifts the story to an easier yet also higher level. Truly elegant, dirty, and… surprisingly smart. 

Watch the trailers (and my favorite scene) here: