Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Only a handful of people want to talk seriously about couture. Not because this is one of the most complex sub-divisions of fashion (if you don’t know, or not willing to learn, then don’t dare to open your mouth), but because couture is located in the whole different dimension.

In dimension where US$ 50.000 means nothing more than a Chanel jacket or maybe a trouser. Couture has no price tag simply because even the designers don’t know the real price of their own masterpieces. Just like a smart businessman once said: there is no price for art. Hmm… or was it me? Whatever.

Of course, I can’t afford couture even if I sell half of my internal organs (selling organs is overrated. Never ever do it unless you are doing it for good)(this is a rare life-advice from me. Take a note, quick!). At least I can talk about it like those people in another dimension. Hey, someone needs to do the dirty job, right? 

Anyway, Versace did open the Couture Week, but I really want to start with Christian Dior. Mainly because Raf Simons really delivered an amazing dreamy cotton candy-like collection this week. Well, some of the dresses are not in my list of this-is-the-most-amazing-dress-I-have-ever-seen or make me cry in admiration (and jealousy), but the rest truly blows my mind away. 

After playing with nations and diversities last season, Raf kicked the stage with something softer, lighter, more manageable (Jennifer Lawrence won’t fall down this time) and very feminine. Experimenting with hand skills and cuttings, it was a surprise to see the dresses look completely modern, so easy to wear until you can look completely gorgeous on the street without getting those WTF stares from people (hmpf! Such blind people!) This is far far away from old Couture cake-dress-ball-gown stigma. In fact, Raf casually replaced huge ball gowns with (again) simple black/dark blue suits with nice little touch of volume and cuttings to make some dramas. My reaction? I love this man. 

However, it is impossible to make a perfect collection (or write about it). There are always a few things that look out of place, even in Dior. This time I have to criticize the multi-fabric dresses. Layers after layers of different fabrics and patterns just look confusing for me (the main reason why I didn’t include them in this post). To make things worse, Raf seemed to really enjoying this ‘playful’ technique. I mean, it is indeed a very high level of sewing, but you know… the bigger you are, the harder you fall, right?

I couldn’t deny that both Raf and Dior have done a really good job though. This show is just another simple (or chic?) achievement for the-man-of-the-hour. 

Ah, what a life! 

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