Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


There is no doubt in rewarding Chanel as the Emperor of Couture. Not only the amazing amount of masterpieces Karl Lagerfeld makes every season, but the show itself radiates couture aura. Strong, elegant, independent, and filled with passions. 

All this time Chanel has given us amazing drama and shocks. Do you remember the time when Karl simply put an iceberg inside the Grand Palais? He just dumped the ice there as easy as flipping his hands (he was trying to remind us about global warming, which was quite a trend back then). And don’t tell me you have already forgotten about ‘old world new world’ Chanel, when Karl predicted a bright future (after devastating end) of the fashion world. 

This season, Karl settled down with just two grand staircases (or what Parisians usually call as ‘Couture Stairs’). Usually the models walk down the stairs slowly and at some points to pose for clients, photographers, fellow designers, editors… you name it! It’s a classic tradition that symbolizes both women’s elegances (or in this case, models’ elegances) and the gowns’ graceful movements. 

When the show started, a full set opera started playing beautifully, giving a grand atmosphere with almost magical feeling. Was Karl trying to seduce our hearings instead our visions? The answer quickly revealed when the models ran down the stairs easily in their sneakers.Yes, you didn’t misread this one: sneakers. In Couture show. At Chanel Couture Show!

Skipping, hopping, jumping and running, the models looked perfectly comfortable yet still gracious. This is how modern women want to feel and Chanel is showing us a classic commercial line: we completely understand your need

What about the clothes? The corset is back on the rack. Okay, maybe wearing corset is not the best choice for you who hate stuffing your stomach into something so tiny, but look at the bright side! At least, you will be able to hide all those ‘extras’. And for the already-skinny girls? You will simply rock this trend. The dresses slowly blurred into more formal gowns near the end of the show. Feathers mixed with glitters got approved nodes from (judgmental) guests with a little help from the light-as-feather fabrics.

Actually, what really amazes me is how fluid the show went on. I didn’t have a hard time trying to figure out what’s happening on the stage. The show was entertaining and the clothes are very… relatable, even though (duh!) not affordable (well, you know where to start spending your mortgage bonuses). 

Hours went by and suddenly Cara Delevingne came out again (she opened the show) in beautiful Chanel wedding dress. A little boy was steadily helping her picking up the veil. And everything finally made sense.

Images taken from Edited by Gimme Good Style.