Outer Smile

by gimmegoodstyle

snow and symmetry thesartorialist.com

What’s happening up there in the North? Not to be all superficial, but I have been hearing bad news about snow from all over Northern Hemisphere. Seems like you guys are dealing with such extreme malevolent nature power. I can only say good luck.

We are not doing really well here either in Indonesia, super rain season had demolished most of the main roads and ruined our daily schedules. And if it’s raining, flood will come in no time. Bam! Another flood season. Luckily, the flood didn’t really affect my side of the city, but still… I felt pretty bad for those Jakartans who had to deal with muddy water and snake (yes, they found one swimming happily in some broken poles and it’s quite big. Don’t worry, I think it found a way to escape from the zoo or something).

Here’s the deal though: try to look anything from its bright side. Hey, I know the winter sucks, but at least you can put on your outerwear and be all chic. We, on the other hand, had to buy the biggest, ugliest, most colorful rain coat that would turn into pieces in no time. At least, we never need to deal with snow (sometimes it sucks though, not to be able to do all those ‘western’ funs).

People has been asking around in social media about what clothes they should wear in this kind of weather. Let’s all remember that Fashion Week is going to happen next month and it’s not a really big motivator. Don’t worry though. Keep calm and look for the slickest black sweater you can possibly find (like this), then put on your skinny jeans (or jeans, if you have put on some weights) (dark blue or grey will do). Last step?Cover them with coat.

Here’s the fun part: you can experiment with your coat this time! Yeay!

I am really suggesting you to play with cuts and silhouettes because trench coat is just so mainstream (read: boring).  How about Maison Martin Margiela for H&M coat? I know it’s so last season, but remember we are no fashion trend victim. Or if you insist on something new and ‘high’… fine, let’s go to Prada and buy one of their gorgeous mural coats. Artsy, well-cut, warm, fuzzy… okay, I am going to stop right now. 

See? Winter can be fun too! Yeah, let’s enjoy it! Winter spirit! Snow! Rain! Dancing in the rain while listening to Taylor Swift  Beyoncé and pretending we are in her so anticipated music video! Woo-hoo! 

Almost forgot, try to wear real boots please! High heels are pretty as always, but you are dealing with gigantic piles of wet snows, mud, and God knows what. Being safe is always more fashionable than anything. Am I right? I know I am right. 

Image taken from The Sartorialist. Edited by Gimme Good Style.