Michiel Tersteege

by gimmegoodstyle

michiel tersteege strawberry splash thephoblographer.com


Yeah… I am making up new segments like it’s a game of something, but whatever this is one of many reasons why people want to have a blog. Anyway, I apologize for letting your thirst for art unfulfilled in the last few days. You know… usual stuffs. Couture, fashion, blah blah blah. Seriously, who wants to talk about canvas types when we have a whole collection of expensive clothes out there?

But to fulfill my responsibility as ‘lifestyle’ blogger, I am going to talk about it little by little. Sorry man, need time to fully access my inner art skills. So this week we are going to appreciate Michiel Tersteege’s work called Strawberry Splash, which looks like… well, a strawberry with a little bit splash.

Very simple, colorful, tempting and high-definition. It’s actually an example of how to use tripods or something. Don’t really get the article because you know… art channeling stuff. You can read it for yourself in The Phoblographer (link below) and happy #ArtSunday!

Images taken from The Phoblographer