Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


If Hinduism is indeed true all this time and I am going to reincarnate as a butterfly, I want to be one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s butterflies. Sexy, brave, unique, colorful, and dangerous. It’s not hard to figure out what happened inside Paris favorite bad boy’s head. The dresses spoke loudly for the designer this time.

Amazing amount of patterns are used to create extreme illusions of butterflies’ wings and I can’t blame the designer’s obsession this time; all the dresses look very beautiful. Jean Paul Gaultier is usually one of those designers that make me question myself ‘who is going to wear those dresses?’, but this time I know exactly what the answer is: everyone. 

Classic JPG coat dress (or suit) opened the show with such simplicity until I thought I was clicking the wrong show, then the surprise slowly unveiled with sudden pops of colorful dresses, each represents different aspect of one butterfly.

I kinda like the way JPG extracted his theme this season. Unlike most designers, who like to give small hints of what their inspirations might be (and left journalists puzzled with their press releases), JPG chose to go straight to the point. Butterfly wings sewed into a dress (fake butterfly wings, in case you are wondering), flying butterflies were frozen in time to make beautiful head pieces for the models. Everything was popping and colorful and energetic, to the point where I was having visual-sickness that I never knew at some point. 

Even though the butterfly effect did make an amazing collection, I was everything but impressed with JPG’s final numbers. The beautiful butterfly girls suddenly took darker turn and came out as… here we go again… Parisian show girls. Ugh, not again! I have to say I am not really impressed anymore with JPG addiction to burlesque drama. Every single piece that he has created always has a slight reference to burlesque, sexy dancing, and Dita von Teese (yawn). At regular basis, I would give much bigger tolerance just like other obsessed fashion lovers. But I was so visually full with all those butterflies, I can’t help but frown at the dresses.

I learned one thing from the show though. No, not about the Hinduism reincarnation wish whatsoever. I learned about how important it is to maintain stability in fashion. Cheers for your butterflies Mr. Gaultier, but no money to waste at your burlesque club this time.

Images taken from Vogue. Edited by Gimme Good Style