Cheers For All The Shits

by gimmegoodstyle

social butterfly

Hey there…. How are you? 

Okay, who am I kidding here? Sorry for not blogging and just disappeared from the universe. The thing is after that Chinese New Year party over, I kinda found myself in the middle of exams, works, and tons of other small things that you don’t want to hear. REALLY. Like looking for the perfect desk lamp or trying to re-order my old magazines (and failed). 

The thing is… I am really busy right now. Like busy busy. Like having no time to breath at all. Our version of SAT is coming up real quick and I spend most of my time studying (well, yeah… and watching Two Broke Girls)(so gooodddd…!) and can’t find anything worth sharing. 

I guess I am getting lame. Or not. 

Plus, my WordPress memory is draining out. I can tell by the notifications. They’re like hunters in the wood trying to get me to pay more and more and more. Well, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe, just maybe, I will move my blog again because for no reason, my parents STILL refuse to give my own credit card. Well, it’s not my fault I have to buy a lot of things (okay okay.. maybe I don’t really need a new gorillapod, which is still a very cool thing to have)(and I was in mental breakdown when I bought those shirts). 

So… now you know all the problems. Please understand and hope you enjoy the rest of your life (because I am not really enjoying it right now. FUCK EXAMS FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!) 

P.S: Yeah, missed Fashion Week for the first time in 3 years. Spread the words everyone! 

Image taken from Park and Cube