That Is So Funny (In Some Countries)

by gimmegoodstyle


Maybe I can finally say I can keep my mouth shut for a long period of time or I can safely say that I’ve hit the deepest level of frustrated high-school student life. Either way, I am not happy. Or trying to be happy. Anyway, these past few days I have been trying really hard to pull myself together by watching Oscar re-run and Golden Globes opening monologue (not for the first time. I am still an up-to-date blogger). And my social analytical brain found something quite strange culturally (okay, gotta stop using smart words. Not ma thing yo!)

The jokes

Don’t get me wrong, I love jokes! Jokes are like beautiful flowers in the middle of huge desert called life, but it is true that some of them are prettier than the others. Yeah, hard to say, but I hear bad jokes all the time. I am not going to discuss bad jokes though. Not this time. I am telling you, don’t make spontaneous joke, if you are not a) Ellen DeGeneres b) Two Broke Girls c) Julia Roberts.

Actually, I have been wondering about the culture hidden behind the jokes. Like how different Western Jokes and Eastern Jokes is and how rude Westerners can be when they are making jokes. Again, don’t get me wrong, but when I hear Tina Fey and Amy Poehler said something about George Clooney floating into the space just because he doesn’t want to die together with someone at his own age, I was like… wooahhh, sisters that is hard to take!

Okay okay, I laughed my ass off along with those people at the Globes. But, come on! Saying that kind of thing in Indonesia (or other Eastern countries to be fair) (and to make us uptight-social-creatures look less miserable) is a suicide. Nobody will laugh and everyone will throw you that ‘you-have-gone-too-far’ glares. Super creepy. 

And Tina and Amy just keep going like nothing really happen. Calling Matt Damon a garbage man, and something about Tom Hank’s prosthetic penis (what is that??!) yada yada yada. Those are funny, but totally disturbing at the same time…. okay, those are funny. I am not saying I am picking favorite in this little disturbing vs funny competition. But those are funny. 

Oscar is no different either. Maybe Ellen is not that cruel (she is awesome!), but when she asked Amy Adams whether she went to college (and nah, we all know Amy didn’t go to college. Duh!) or not and told everyone Jennifer Lawrence fell (again) on the red carpet, I was like… well, I did nothing actually. I was busy with my home works. The perks of being a high-school student? Not really. 

I am not saying those are bad jokes. I told you I LAUGHED my ass off. Man, they’re real funny. I just like to pinpoint the differences. In Indonesia (and other countries?) (I don’t know, I will stop using ‘other countries’ for real), most of the jokes are based on more general issues. Like #selfie trends (still). Or flood trends. Or upcoming election day trends. Or… okay, give up. Still repeating that George Clooney joke. Real favorite. 

No comedians (in here) dare to say specific names. Well, sometimes they do give clues, which are super blurry and ended up making everyone feels as guilty. If things are getting lame, they will start self-depreciating themselves, or telling silly stories about themselves in public. In short, no rude jokes about others because they are the real jokes. They’re the materials needed. Problems solved.

And I like it that way. 

I mean, I used to get teased a lot, so I know how it feels to be a joke (a BAD joke) (yes, I was that miserable). Not telling jokes. I laughed along with my friends for sure, but you know… I really feel that the joke will be much better, if I am not in it. 


Oh… look, Ellen just ordered pizzas! And Brad Pitt was like ‘oh, I NEED that Jolie, move out of my way!’ HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!