The Reason Why I Would Never Go Shopping At Chanel Shopping Center

by gimmegoodstyle


I pray for people who lost their dignities (and broke their pants) at Chanel Shopping Center aka Chanel show last week. At first, the shopping center showed us how amazing Karl Lagerfeld really is. He put fashion in a place where fashion itself never really belongs. And not just that, he makes a joke out of it (written on the products inside the Chanel Shopping Center), it’s not a critic. It’s a fun reminder that fashion lives everywhere you go. 

Then the show started and we were mesmerized by how fluent and vivid models can be when they just stop walking and do something other than staring… like shopping. It’s (again) not just a drama. It’s too normal to be a drama yet… it’s not real either. It’s like watching movies being directed by a very professional director and a bunch of Oscar winning actresses. 

The show over… Karl walked happily with Cara Delevigne. Suddenly, everyone decided to unleash their full consumerism. This is what I really want to talk about. 


Chanel show was NOT a fashion show. The guests made that pretty clear. It was a totally embarrassing reminder on how consumptive fashion people really are and how destructive we can be. Counters fell and no one noticed, editors (who usually walk out with grace like they know they can wait to lay their hands on the clothes later, at the end of the fashion month) fell from the shelves while trying desperately to get a grasp on one of the Chanel doormat. 

What a shame…. 

To be fair, I wasn’t there. I was sitting a thousand miles away, watching Two Broke Girls with my laptop and heard about it from Instagram. No one can tell me how hectic or awesome the show was. You can call me a little naive. But one thing I would definitely remember, if I were there: keep your head up and don’t take anything from a Shopping Center for free, Chanel or not. 

P.S: And you guys at the show KNOW you will get freebies right? Like real FREEBIES, without having to fight or steal for them. Gosh. 

P.P.S: In short, Chanel really win the best show for this season AND the guests really win for the worst fashion show guest ever. 

Images taken from Garance Dore