Land of Photos

by gimmegoodstyle

samsung galaxy s4

I am so tired these past few days. No kidding! This semester is not a mess, it’s a chaos created by Indonesia’s national education system (need I say more? BORING!) What can I say? I am just following the tides. However, I do have some little time to sneak behind text-books and college applications to write this post and make another (please, roll your eyes ladies and gentlemen!) Tumblr blog.

Hmm… I am not even sure, if it’s a blog or not. More like a bigger version of Instagram and smaller, simpler version of WordPress (or Blogspot). 

Whatever it is, I honestly think I will spend most of my free time there, due to WordPress’s limited memories, different contents and other small inconvenient things (like how lazy I am to write about another street style trend and do another the-next-big-thing research). I am not leaving this blog, just splitting my limited times and energy into a lot of different… social medias.

Gosh, am I addicted?

Anyway, just like what Ellen DeGeneres always say… see you and be kind to each other! Have a nice weekend… Ah, right, today’s still Thursday in some countries ehehehe…. 

Ah yes, you want to know what my new Tumblr’s name is? Peppermint Swing

I got the idea from Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing (very relaxing and helpful during these past few hell-weeks) and decided to do a little twist with the name… So, you got Peppermint Swing! It’s more into visual than texts, so wish me luck… and hey, drop by sometimes! We’ll swing together, cause’ without you it’s a waste of time

Image taken from Style Slicker