Wanna Be That G.U.Y

by gimmegoodstyle


Gaga is in it again.

After releasing her CD (and promoting it) like a crazy maniac her record company really is, she suddenly disappeared from the spotlight (why were you so shy, Gaga?) She came out once for her epic duet with Xtina Aguilera (too lazy to type her first name) for a single she hasn’t release yet… until now. Oh, and she DID get puked by stranger on stage (who’s that girl’s name again?) But Gaga is never good with silence (her fashion sense makes that clear). Yesterday she took over Instagram to announce her new music video out of the blue, G.U.Y.


To be fair, I like G.U.Y. The track is pop-y with a lot of electronic, modern DJ thing and energetic vibes that is enough to keep me dancing all night long in a party we should all forget. So, afraid of being the last one to know what’s going on in our beloved artsy-popsy Queen’s head, I open Youtube…. and there it is… Artpop-G.U.Y-video!

I’ve watched it and…. yeah, not bad.

(Spoiler: there is no puke involved! Miracle!)

Note: The video starts with Artpop, then Venus, then finally G.U.Y.

The video starts with Gaga as a bird (yes, again). It looks like some men shoots her with cupid-like arrow and left her covered with muds and money (materialistic people who once kicked her artsy heart back when she was just a stripper in New York? Who knows?) Dying and has nowhere to go, Gaga slowly walks alone to… an Italian-tropical-classic hotel paradise with mysterious guards wearing black plastic wrappers, and people having pool party. I thought Gaga was going to be revived by some weird magician (Gandalf? Are you there?) But, no. The pop star is dead and people (the ones having pool party) decide to drown her into magical underwater, dynamic, colorful world.

Well, the rest of it is just a lot of symbolism (Gandhi, Jesus, Michael Jackson revived from dead and Gaga taking their blood/wisdom whatsoever), Gaga with Versace gowns, Gaga in sexy white swimsuit, Gaga wearing another Mickey Mouse/Teddy Bear/Miley Cyrus VMA outfit look alike costume, hunks in suits, hunks in thongs, hunks in pool, hunks dancing with Gaga, hunks dancing with other hunks, hunks carrying her until the end of the video. And… credit so long, it takes almost half of the 11-minutes video.

Am I saying the video is bad?

Oh, by all means, NO!

Confusing? Yes. Unoriginal? Probably (the dying bird part is new!)  But really bad like Justin Bieber Nicky Minaj’s shaky video camera (reference to Paranormal Activity) with party girls, pool party, SWAGs, and really bad rap (yet we kept on singing Beauty and a Beattttt… for one whole month last year)?

Hell, no! 

As I’ve said before, I really like the song and Gaga’s dancing never really fails me. I just feel that the video took too long to release and it’s not really.. surprising or ground breaking or enough to make people jump head over heels. If Gaga disappeared just to make this video, then… she should kick her marketing team straight on their butts and shoot them like the men did to her in the video. 

A little message to the hackers, Youtube-modifiers  out there: please cut the too-long credit and upload the no-credit-version to your online holy sanctuary called Youtube. I will definitely download it!

What can I say? It’s GAGA!!