I started blogging as gimmegoodpicture and I had a blast. It is amazing to see how your blog grow and evolve and turn bigger and bigger until you have some followers and comments and REAL people reacting to what you’ve written. But, I feel unsatisfied with what I have done and started a new blog called GIMMEGOODSTYLE actually I want to name it STYLE but, damn, Style.com has already stole the idea (or we both have the same idea).

In this blog I want to tell everything that I thought (or most of it) freely. I am not hoping to be famous or something I just want to share what I think good to see or to hear -or to watch. I want my readers to be happy with what I write and hope that some of you are kind enough to comment and let me know what you like and what you think about my blog.

I am not saying that I have the rightest, most honest opinions. No. I may have done a lot of mistakes grammatically and literally (or whatever you call it). If I do it and you know how to fix it. Please, please, please leave some comments and I will gladly fix it for you -and for others.

One more thing, before this page becomes extremely long and boring, I don’t own the pictures or videos. Other websites which are kind enough to let me save and re-post their pictures allow me to do this and hell ! They make this blog too ! I thank them by writing their web addresses (the ones with underlines and bolds), if you want to see more then go to their sites.

Okay, bye for now and see you in my posts !


Gossip Girl  I mean, GIMMEGOODSTYLE aka STYLE (or a guy-who-really-into-fashion-food-and-lifestyle).

UPDATE: I never ever get paid for any post in my blog. If I mention a brand/website/logo/product, it is because I am a part of their free project, which means I have the same vision with them and I want to support them in the best way that I can. Or simply because I adore it. And don’t have enough money to buy it. Well, this is getting sad….