Do you get bored reading through my words and articles ? Well, don’t lie and tell the truth, because I, myself, sometimes feel bored and not-in-the-mood to read it.

That’s why I have this crazy idea to let my friends (who are interested) to write something on my blog. It’s like an open letter or whatever you call it when someone wrote something and posted it to public.

Same concept.

I have tried to persuade some of my friends and I just realized that writing in english sometimes making people feel nervous and underestimated their-selves.

Well, don’t be !

STYLE is where people can see what I think is the best about fashion and lifestyle and this is a blog to discuss not to judge. You don’t have to be so worried about your writings (who cares ?). I, myself, must have done a lot of grammar mistakes or somethings even more fatal than that (once a young photographer commented on my post, she said to take one of her photos down because she thought I stole it from her blog. Gulp).

Well, if you’re interested, just send your article to my email and I will read it and maybe I will post it on my blog.

Attached your name and site of you have one !

I know that I don’t give money or things like that (I can’t afford it, you know). This project is just for fun and to make this blog -and you- feel happy and alive. So, don’t be scared or lazy (!) to write something !



(the man who makes you read this super long page) (And even ask for help) (duh!)

2012-12-15 11:54:02 +00001