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Month: December, 2012

Soo Last Year !

Phew ! I started this blog months ago and this is the first time I spend my New Year’s Eve with this blog.

Well, because I will probably busy screaming and singing with my friends later, I will write this Happy New Year post first.

Okay, Happy New Year !

We have really fun year and it’s time to start funner one !

I am sure 2013 will be a better year for us. New collection, new designers, new shows and new in-and-out trend ! Oohh, I can’t wait to see new Balenciaga collection under Alexander Wang’s creative hands and, of course, Slimane and Ackerman can be the ‘it designers’ next season.

And models ! They’re just endlessly beautiful (thanks a lot to make up artists, etc), right ? I hope they have a blast next year (and we bloggers can blog about it).

Umm, I can’t thank enough for readers and followers. I mean, you guys really inspiring and cool with your own styles and you still have time (or want to spare some of it) to read my bullshits (yeah, sometimes I think I write bullshits about fashion).


I really make it through the year with you guys !

 Well, okay then, Happy New Year again and I hope you enjoy your holiday, party and, of course, life !

See you all next year !



(or the one who ate too much Korean beef) (yeah, and cola) (okay ! And some fried chickens)

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See You At Sundown

Country-glamour is the theme for Vogue Australia editorial.

Photographed by Will Davidson, the photos are just awesome and enviable ! I mean, for God’s sake, who doesn’t like to wear Stella McCartney or Burberry and enjoy the sunset views in the country ?

Serene, glamour and high-fashion. My perfect future-dream.

Taken from Honestly WTF

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Geek of the Day : Thierry Cohen

Earth Day becomes a bit scary when government decided to turn off the city’s lamps for one or two hours. Well, I am a bit paranoid when it comes to darkness and horror stories.

But, thanks to Thierry Cohen, he succeed to capture beautiful moments when the lights are off and making me realize that beautiful moments also happen in the darkest night.

The shoots are about cities’ sceneries, when the lights are off, and beautiful night skies. Not to mention that there are thousands of stars formations that we don’t usually see because of light pollution.

Okay, I think  it’s the right time to raise awareness of light pollution, right ?

Taken from Fubiz

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House of the Horizon

Designed by Jesus Aparicio Architecture, this house is just sublime.

The  Salamanca, Spain dessert looks just magnificent from the house. And when you look at the house from the road, it looks like the house is on the same line with the horizon. That’s why it is named House of the Horizon.

The best thing about the house for me isn’t the interior or the backyard (even though they’re also amazing), but the feeling of having the whole dessert under your eyes.

And the mixed feelings of pride, freedom, wild and passion for adventure.

Hmm, very wild west.

(the only problem is it’s located in Spain not in Nevada. We should be more focused on the bulls and red handkerchief)

Taken from Contemporist

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The Art Girl

I always like to see what artists’ (or people who call their self artists) styles. Their styles look soo… free, alive and personal. Well, sometimes they do look like homeless people.

Okay, back to the point.

My latest artist’s style crush is this girl from Chicago.

If I am not mistaken, she is a college student, majoring in design. Well, I really adore the eye’s tattoo and that multi-colored hair. Not to mention that she also has cool jacket.

I wonder where can I look like that and still accepted by people ?

(The answer is anywhere but school. Definitely)

Taken from The Sartorialist

art, chicago

STYLE Loves : Dumb Ways To Die

Okay, laughed my heart out when I watched this video for the first time. Perfect to cheer up your holidays and don’t forget to be careful, wherever you are !

Oh, please don’t forget to laugh !

(because I feel a little bit freak to be the only one who laugh really hard whenever I watch these video)

P.S : And I will never EVER eat an unrefrigerated 2 weeks old pie. I hope you don’t too.

(and, if you do, please please SPIT IT OUT !)

Hothouse Flowers

Karen Elson and Carolyn Murphy photographed by Steven Klein in this sexy, hot and glamour editorial called Hothouse Flowers for Vogue US January 2013 issue.

And the stylist is Grace Coddington herself !

Hmm, what an amazing shoot !

Taken from Fashiontography

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Inside Denim

It’s December and almost New Year ! Better wear something warm and cozy to New Year’s Eve party. And, if you don’t have one, try to do layer-style. Put something onto something to make it bigger,warmer and thicker.

I have to say it is not the best solution for winter, but totally chic.  My favorite so far is this denim on denim style. Casual, chic and she can pull it without being ‘too 90s’ or too-much.

Taken from The Sartorialist


Cats Brother

For some reason I like to wear something bright, colorful and bold. Well, something made of knit also fun, but considering the hot and humid weather of Jakarta, I guess knit is not a popular trend here.

But who cares about being hot when you wear Cats Brother collection ? The colors and patterns look soo alive they almost jump out of my computer’s screen. That’s a rare thing to say, especially when I am in my super-judging mood.

(when I usually stare at people and criticize their looks) (and I know this is a bad bad habit)

Hmm, I think the clothes brought back the joy of 90s -mixed with some gipsies’ vibes- when everything looks layered and doubled and looks really warm. The only difference is the colors and the materials (denim is a huge huge hit back in 90s).

Well, what do you think ? Do they deserve some standing ovations or not ?

Taken Style Bubble

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Gucci SS 2013

It’s holiday and I just realized that I am kinda run out of holiday’s outfits (too late) ! I am stucked with old t-shirts, shorts and cargo pants which are totally fit for holiday but, at the same time, totally not cool.

Now, I look like overage teen.

Buh, I hope I consider buying stuffs from Gucci SS 2013 collection, even though I know the prices are totally out of my league.

And to be honest, I don’t understand why I would consider buying day suit for holiday. I’ll look like one of those pretty executives who don’t really know how to enjoy the holiday.

But, I think the colors that really drawn me. Lime green, bright yellow, white are totally the right choice for holiday in the beach or somewhere exotic like India (eh, Life of Pi) or Italy (yeah, Eat Pray Love) or New York (SATC series ! Here I come Bradshaw !).

Well, what will you wear for holiday this year ?

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