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Month: February, 2013

Rochas Fall 2013


Soft color seems like a one hit wonder in fashion industry, but that doesn’t stop designers to use the color in the collection. I have to say I like to be a soft person sometimes and I was in the mood for it when I saw Rochas Fall 2013 show. The collection is quite interesting, given the fact that most of designers choose to go to the ‘dark side’ this fall, Rochas still like to give more colors and play with soft tones.

It’s like staring into marshmallow. Soft, puffy and delicious.

Even though Rochas managed to put quite a good and satisfying collection, there are some pieces that make me ached with agony. I mean, super huge coat with no lining that makes your body looks more like balloon than human is not the best outfit to wear for a night out, right ? It’s quite a shame though, those pieces hide soo much potential but I feel like they’re not interesting. Undone seems like a good word to describe those pieces.

But, overall, this is a good show. Everything feels really light and beautiful (except those coats and some hideous pieces I can’t tell). The soft palettes give extra points for the collection. I love the camel hair and fake mink (yeah, you hear that PETA. F-A-K-E).

Will Rochas be able to snatch some money out from your purses this season?

Taken from Style

Jennifer Lawrence Falls Over


I want to scream that word to Jenn’s ears. Seriously. I know that it’s fucking hard to walk in that dress and Dior should give a walking manual book to whoever bought the gown.

But Oscar isn’t the best place to fall over….

Especially when you’re the winner.

Suits And Ice Cream

streetfsn melting icecream

I’ve told you several times that I love ice cream.

I think the most amazing thing men* have ever invited is ice cream, that dairy product really gets into my nerve. I used to think that most men don’t like ice cream, maybe because they’re too masculine to admit it (probably true) or they want to look cool and talk to girls that they don’t eat something ‘sweet’.

Ah, typical.

Well, it’s good to realize that men DO love ice creams. Who doesn’t ? The only difference is they only eat it once in a lifetime** (and I eat ice creams like my life belongs to them). But, when they eat, they eat it in style.

Brown suits and handkerchief in the chef pocket. All formal and time to eat some…. ice creams!

Taken from Street FSN

* : Or women ? The only thing I know about ice cream is that it’s invented in Naples.

** : except my father, uncle, some of my friends, my brothers and all those people who live in Italy.

STYLE Loves : Travel Bag by Luxirare


Believe it or not, I am a bad bad packer -and traveler. I always pack the wrong things at wrong conditions and ended up trying to stuff them into my small luggage (I want to look practical not irrational). I also an impulsive buyer which means no more free room for shopping bags and all those weird items I ‘accidentally’ bought somewhere in the middle of Chinatown in Singapore.

But, the time has come for me to realize that I don’t have to stuff all my electrical devices, including gigantic cellphone, MacBook, and cables, into one big bag and carry my clothes in the other bags AND my bath stuffs in another bag (read the first paragraph) and annoyed my sister by asking her to help me carry all those different bags.

When I was looking for something to ease my pain, I stumbled into Luxirare blog and found this cool travel bag that she designed herself (talk about expert DIY skill), and I totally lovee it ! It looks cool with leather material and metalic pink color for the inside, it has three zippers which means more room and cleverer organization.

This is perfect !

This bag is going onto the top of my Christmas List this year and I am begging God to spare me some of His mighty miracles and someone, somehow, deliver me this bag.

Anyone ?

Taken from Luxirare

On the Carpet : Oscar Best Dressed 2013

amanda seyfried alexander mcqueen

Oscar moments are one of biggest moments in Hollywood.

It’s even bigger than the Golden Globes or Grammys. I don’t know why, but Oscar looks much more important than other awards shows. Probably because it’s the time when people from the most glamorous industry come into one place, trying to look good and talk about good things while we, mere people, can only staring -and drooling- at their lifestyles.

Now, I don’t really care about the winners (sorry Hathaway, Lawrence) or the presenters (not now, fellas). One thing that matters the most is the gowns. The red carpet section. It’s the only time, when the stars starting to reveal their choices good or bad. And we are saying ‘uuhh’ and ‘oohhh’ and ‘cute’ or  ‘ugly !’

Believe it or not, we are the most judgmental species in the whole universe.

(But, who doesn’t like to critic Hollywood stars ?)

Taken from Vogue

Beanie Community

beanie new york

Remember when I told you that beanie is the next big thing in fashion (lying, I was telling you that beanie is lovely) ? My prediction came true when Man Repeller decided to write a post about it, and as we know it, when Man Repeller write something it’s usually the truth.

(Not to mention that she has more followers than me. A lot more.)

Anyway, beanie is trending and I am sure some fashionistas will come out with ideas about how to wear it in high-fashion-style and not-so-fashionistas (more like fashion victims) are going to find a way to buy cheap yet stylish ones. And for me, I want to enjoy the victorious feeling that I have because of my 100 percents correct prediction.

Call me STYLE the fashion prophet.

*evil laugh*

Taken from Jak and Jil

Juice Cleanse ?

2013-02-26 10:09:25 +00001

Everyone has been talking about cleaning their livers with juices. And I thought it was only possible in movies, where people only have to eat some liquids and voila ! They’re full and slim at the same time. Very chic.

Well, looks like we’re finally able to keep up with the future. Juice cleanse technology is here and it helps you to detoxify some of your nasty ‘fats’ and poisonous chemicals in your stomach. Ugh, just thinking about it make me feel like I am rolling in the mud, like a big, pink, chinese pig. Nasty, fat, unhealthy. Call me all you want.

But, even though the idea of having some tasty juices cleaning my liver is tempting, I can’t help but wondering; Is it worth the price ? The real price, the one that has a lot of numbers after dollar sign, and moral price (which is much more expensive), to make your body clean with juice you have to go through several steps of diets which means no burger from Carls Jr or Burger King, no more delivery pizzas from Dominos, and NO ice cream-weekend-party (bye bye Baskin Robin).

That’s a lot, kid.

Anyway, I am not having juice cleanse for now, maybe later, when they found replacement for kale, celery, and other ‘greens’ that aren’t very green in my stomach. I get tempted with coconut mixed with almond juice though, they sound very tasty. Hmm…. maybe I can have them for lunch tomorrow ? Just one bottle for fun ? Who knows ?

No Top. No Problem

hannegabyacne new york

Topless has become the new language for models or socialites.

You can always see them walking around wear nothing but cropped pants or bra, and they don’t seem to mind at all. It’s quite surprising at first (especially when I was only 12 or 13, seeing Paris and Lindsay did all those things. Huff), but I find the topless attitude to be quite boring now.

Am I getting old ?

Hope not.

I think that’s because I start to think that topless is indeed one of normal ways to wear clothes. If men can do that thing all the time, woman should be able to do it, right ? Feminism movements and all those shits. People shouldn’t be all shocked and parents shouldn’t be screaming and cursing like they’ve just seen ghosts.

Or scarier.

One advice; you can go topless, but before you dare to do such thing, just realize in what place you are and in what condition, with whom and consider the risks. Please.

(By topless I mean almost naked. Not entirely naked like in cheap porn movies. Ugh)

(I won’t lie, topless is one of the best styles. Ever !)

Taken from Jak and Jil

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013


It’s hard not to save all the pictures from the collection because everything looks beautiful.

Dolce and Gabbana has done several collection using mosaics and old paintings as their inspirations, but this collection feels a bit more spiritual. Maybe because the inspiration comes from Sicily Cathedral of Monreale itself, which is famed because of the murals and mosaic arts.

The dresses are living arts, they’re moving and glistening in glamorous ways and colors (red, white, black, lace and mosaic brown), while still wrapping the models body tightly. A mix between spiritual art and appreciation to women’s bodies. Hmm, not very religious after all. Oh, and the ending is just wonderful. All mighty and proud in red. Very romantic.

Well, I really adore the accessories too, the rosaries are just exquisite. Imagine going to church on Sunday wearing that rosary and, when people ask you what the hell is that thing ?!

You can always say; Psst, this is my second faith. Fashion. 

(Am I writing too much ?)

Taken from Style

Geek of the Day : Dillon Marsh

Have you ever seen bird nest ?

It is normally small and simple, but photographer Dillan Marsh took some pictures of the greatest, biggest, and a bit creepy bird nests in the Kalahari Desert. My reaction to the exhibition, called ‘Assimilation’, is a mixed between surprised and, ugh, horrified and amazed. Okay, I have chills followed with bumps. The nests are gigantic and look so gross.

Sorry, but I am not a bird-nest type.

Praise the Lord.

Taken from Fubiz


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