Novis Spring 2015

by gimmegoodstyle



There is no denying every thing has to be black and white in New York Fashion Week. Sure, there is a bit of colors here and there, but those two neutral colors are still in every designer’s mind. Well, everyone except Jordana Warmflash of Novis.

Inspired by Tom Wesselmann’s Pop Art, Jordana created a whole collection based on the artist’s extreme use of colors, patterns and Wonderland-like environment. The result is a big bang like explosion in the middle of black and white runways of New York Fashion Week.

Fresh jacquard knit summer dresses decorated with bewildering colors (mostly blue and brown) and Wesselmann’s flashy works become the main attractions of the show. Even though, simpler more summer-appropriate pieces, like clean straight white skirt, are presented in the collection as well, some people still say that Novis collection only belongs to MoMA exhibition rooms and overly enthusiast art geeks. Well maybe, but we are all art geeks at heart, right? 

Nevertheless it is a nice collection, strong, bold, and refreshing. I can imagine real people (and celebrities, to be fair) wearing them on the street, not just as fancy street style but also summer essentials.

Although, I kinda hope the finale would be more… powerful. Two plain cocktail gowns and one wedding-dress look alike are such boredoms compared to highly energetic opening numbers. Again, those gowns are the ones that make Novis becomes Taylor Swift’s favorite. So… I guess it’s a fair play?

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See the complete collection here.