McQ Alexander McQueen Spring 2015

by gimmegoodstyle


There is a drastic difference between main label and secondary label. Secondary label acts as a bridge to reach wider costumers, from young teens to fresh graduates looking for more mature style, whilst main label contains the core of the house’s images and design aesthetic. Alexander McQueen’s soul are dramatic clothes and avant-garde designs. However, if you take off all those laces, embellishments, and crazy theatrical shows, you will find McQ. Effortless, very-British, and stylish McQ clothes.

This season the collection gets even simpler with just clean one-piece dresses, greyish sweaters, jumpsuits, and hologram/foil shorts. I think it’s a bit silly to write how punk the collection is, since the style originated from UK itself and still shows its impact upon the country’s lifestyle until today.

While the overall collection is fun (especially the foil print shorts), there are several pieces that look really basic to me. Jumpsuits with pink-and-black patterns and simple black blazer with matching pants? I can find those kinds of clothes at H&M winter sale. Although fun as a whole look, I don’t think people will bother to buy them individually. There are not enough ‘McQueen’ in them. Perhaps, that’s what you get for creating secondary label.

Nevertheless, this is a strong collection for McQ. Stronger than any other ‘affordable’ labels high fashion designers built these past few seasons. I just hope that next season McQ will put a tiny dose of drama in their collection. After all it is what makes the late designer so beloved by the fashion crowds.

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