Givenchy Spring 2015

by gimmegoodstyle


Today’s women are tough, smart and determined. On the other hand, they are also soft beings with sensible aura and sexiness the males craved for every single day. That’s how the world goes, people. And that’s how Ricardo Tisci perceived his collection for Givenchy.

With so many designers choose to go soft and summery this season, Tisci’s tough warrior rock-and-roll collection blasted the Paris Fashion Week runway and set Fashion Instagrammer in fire. Impeccable monochromatic dresses with heavy detailed jackets or tight leather pans with couture tops are not what I usually imagine for summer, but fashion is about getting out of your comfort zone, right?

While many people think this is the sexiest collection from Paris, I personally think this is the most badass-girls-who-don’t-care-about-men collection. There are different explanations for ‘sexy’ and Givenchy Spring 2015 screams ‘rock’ louder than ‘sexy’ for me. The girls look strong and confident, but they don’t invite my brain to imagine more. Alas, you can blame my insensitivity for these strong words.

Nevertheless, this is an undeniably strong collection. I still feel it needs more colors though. Black, white, crème and dark brown look really great, but yellow and red can be nice unexpected surprises in the sea of monochromatic boredom (talking about New York Fashion Week, yawnnn…) I know that this collection is all about tough women… Still, being tough doesn’t mean you need to wear black and white dress with laces and studs everyday.

Anyway, this whole rock-and-roll show also means that Ricardo Tisci is not going anywhere this season or next season or any other season in the near future. Givenchy is still his soul mate and perhaps we need to wait a long time before seeing the cool designer takes his last bow and starts his new adventure outside Givenchy. I have no complain though, not even one.