Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


It’s quite strange not to find Iris Van Herpen’s name on or The Haute Couture show is indeed pretty intense and filled with young and old designers that are capable to create a beautiful chaos inside some palaces-of-who, but it’s just pretty tragic for me to see Iris Van Herpen’s works are not yet praised heavily by the media. Of course, some of her dresses are just bizarre, taking inspiration from biology and medicine (maybe even other dimensions, no one really knows), exploring earth’s science and molecular studies, and I can’t imagine celebrities like Anne Hathaway or Amanda Seyfried (maybe we should call Lady Gaga?), walking down the red carpet from their limo in one of her dresses. I just can’t.

But Iris Van Herpen has a vision that we rarely see now, in the world where fashion mixed with commercial minded businessmen and ‘sales’ are the new season to celebrate. The combination of both extreme technique (showing that she worths to be called as ‘couturier’) and extreme imaginations. I remember seeing her first collection, inspired by metals and Aliens movies, and I thought to myself that day: this designer knows how to rock the show, the real question is; is she going to last? 2 seasons from that day and my answer to my own question is: yes, she will last long.

3D paintings, abstract accessories, technologies, organisms, exoskeleton are the main ideas of the show. Iris even went further by asking scientist and architects alike to show her the real molecules and structures of medicine, germs, and God-knows-what. Some critics said that Iris is a technology-freak, a name that no designer want to bear (we’ve talked about fashion and technology, right?!), I guess that’s true. One thing that people forget to say is how she managed to pull the boundaries between science and fashion, not only proving that she has the instinct needed to survive in the industry, but also making scientists realize that fashion-designers are not stupid, glamorous, creative, beauty-slaves people. We’re quite smart, you know….

Taken from Dazed Digital