Trash and Tresh

by gimmegoodstyle

trash and tresh

Fun fact: do you know that I’ve been blogging for two years straight? Yes, that’s true. I’ve been wandering around the web for two years looking for the newest trend, high fashion, and (duh!) street stylers. And in the past two year, I’ve noticed several times that there are two types of street stylers.

First, the one with too much fashion budget aka the socialites. They sit in front rows in every fashion show they are invited to (means every single show in New York and Paris), they wear perfectly great clothes, and some of them even wear Haute Couture on the street. Just for fun because ‘couture is my everyday life’.

Yes yes yes we know that, couture is accessible and not that expensive. Just cost you 1000 dollars more than ordinary clothes (sorry, after a little bit reflection, I just realized you can buy a nice clutch with US$ 1500 not a real dress. That’s quite a long shot, don’t you think?)

Most of us definitely not the first type.

That’s bring us to second type of street stylers. The vintage girls. And boys. This type is much humbler, usually prefer to look for live stream than waiting to get invitation (and cry so hard for not receiving one), and really know Haute Couture only belongs to the ones with money -and connection, no one wants to dress you up, if you don’t have any event to go to.

Life seems to be unfair, after looking the big gap between these two stylers. BUT it is not that unfair because these Vintage Girls have their own secret weapon. A flea mart.

Now, I know what you are thinking: flea mart is a crowded place, filled with mostly used trashes, and a piece of heaven waiting to get robbed by starving buyers competing with each others like Serengeti Lions. Fine, got it. I am going to give you guys an advice and you will thank me later for it: go to Trash and Tresh.

It’s a new app, it’s under further development (expected to launch their official website in January 2014)(hope there is no doomsday whatsoever prophecy), and it sells amazing, cheap, reasonable, vintage (read: used, but still good) items.

I have spotted an iPod with clear description and even clearer photos (no need to speculate whether the seller is a big fat liar or just telling the truth about bad connection)(you don’t even need to drop a single sweat! Well, unless you are browsing the app while yoga-ing) and I am already trying my best not to order. Budget budgettt….

Right now, you can only download the app for iOS (lucky you iPhone ownerss….!!) or you can look at their facebook page and I warn you, take a good look because there are a lot of things to be aware of.

Ah, like that pretty dress!

See? Vintage shopping can’t be easier! And you, Vintage Girls (and Boys), can absolutely kick those skinny butts of The Socialites in their overrated Dior skirts (love you Raf Simons, but I hate those bitches along with your price tags). Ha, eat that!