The Lost Page

by gimmegoodstyle

ralphsydney-spring tattoo

I’ve been thinking to myself these past few days: where the hell is bohemian?

Everyone seems to have closed the chapter and moved on. Of course, that’s what really happened to all old ‘previous’ trends. But I just feel sad not to see bohemian again. What’s wrong with soft maxi dresses with long necklaces and root-like pendants?

What makes up for the lost is a glimpse and touch of the style all over the city. People are somehow still wearing a tiny piece of the long-lost style. Shoes with zig zag pattern (some call this as ‘tribal’, but I believe this pattern is still connected to bohemian) and gladiator laces, bags with fringes, backpack, and jacket.

Mostly jackets.

I can’t say that they’re true Bohemians though, all the details have been rearranged and look almost new. A new style out of the old. Classic play.

Nevertheless it’s good to see little pieces of the (former) Great Bohemian survived in the street, and I’ve found one in Tommy Ton’s blog (beaming with pride over my discovery right now.)

Image taken from Jak and Jil