Prada Spring 2015

by gimmegoodstyle


It would be a sin, if we don’t talk about Prada when we are talking about Milan Fashion Week. The show is the only reason why Anna Wintour flies a thousand miles from London every single year. Well, this time she is not disappointed. No one is, in fact, should have even a single dissatisfaction with Prada Spring 2015 collection.

The main theme of the show is how disaster turns water to sand dunes and how the models are portrayed as women who are stitching their old clothes together to face the new environment (they have done a really good job, by the way). Global warming issue? Perhaps. But that’s not important. The more exciting points are a) Miuccia is not pleased with her ordinary menswear collection b) She is back with her beautiful unique vision about fashion.

You see, for Prada beauty is not a thumping show with extravagant haute-couture strange-looking dresses. Its about the subtle movements of the fabrics, the vintage rusty looking dresses, the elegant models wearing belted coat dresses, shaped skirts, and a sleeveless trouser with silver geometric detailing. All of those small impeccable styles that make you green with envy.

Yes, there is no denying that for a designer that fancies feminine clothes so much, Prada collection feels a little more conservative this season, even though not as boring (!) as the menswear. Well, I would say that it is more ‘wearable’ than ‘conservative’, but you will be the judge of that.

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