Missoni Spring 2015

by gimmegoodstyle


Sometimes our great-great grandfathers achievements can surprise us in surreal ways. My great grandfather happened to live in China in the age when empires were fighting to gain supremacy. Don’t ask me what part he played though; I don’t have the slightest idea. Missoni, on the other hand, has a way cooler great grandfather, a pirate. A pirate in a quest to find freedom and change Madagascar to his own utopia (not all Madagascar, I guess.) He might not be as popular or well dressed as his great-great granddaughters, but at least he inspired their latest spring collection.

That’s right, Missoni theme for this season is summery utopia, complete with maxi dresses, flowing skirts, see-through tops, and loose turbans. I have to say, Missoni plays it well this time for choosing a clear theme, not a mix of spring and summer other designers choose to collide resulting in heavy coats and uncertain layering style that no one can pull off during hot days/nights of next year’s summer.

Flowers are, of course, included in the collection. Printed with beautiful soft colors in expensive multicolor silk. The real star of the collection is the pattern though. It reminds me of Balinese ‘barong’, a traditional thin t-shirts with fading colors and complimenting prints. True reminder of blue sea, golden sands, red-and-white giant umbrellas, and the sound of summer right outside your door.

I can easily imagine the dresses flying out of Missoni’s Milan shops to rich girls’ wardrobes in Miami or Rio de Janeiro, but I have a hard time imagining them out on the runway. The whole collection is just too… relaxed.

Perhaps, that’s the entire message of the show. To be the relaxed tourist strolling on the pavements with expensive stores waiting to drain your wallets out. Still, I hope Missoni put one or two cocktail dress to push the envelope into Hollywood crazy influential stylists’ noses. That would be the brand’s new utopia, if you ask me.

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Images taken from Style.com