by gimmegoodstyle

badass fur

Winter… ah, such a romantic scene we have out there (read. you have out there since the view is always the same in Jakarta. Desert). You know things like snow (pff… snow? What snow?), hot coffee, cafe with romantic lights and a partner (much subtler than BF/GF things, no?) Not just in life, but even in more important matter like… fashion. And I dare you to say: what’s more faithful than a fur coat? Say it! Come-on!

Okay, I am not mad. I just feel guilty. I always feel guilty when it comes to my adoration to fur items. I don’t care if it’s fur coat or fur headphones (or so I’ve heard), as long as it has that soft, warm, fluffy surface, I am in. I know fur is an indirect act of animals genocide, and I know those animals are too cute to die just for our needs of beauty, and I know faux leather/fur doesn’t help much BUT I just love them so much.

I love the way a good fur coat falls in a woman’s body. Rejoicing her body shape yet at the same time telling people she is a sophisticated woman. A glamorous one. That fur-woman also generates this sad, luxurious feeling. She feels like she’s an unused ornament of the past for her rich husband. She is lonely yet she is strong and will be fine…. until she finds a new lover that can match her style.

Inside and outside.

All of them just flashed in my eyes like a complete movie. I even predicted the fur-woman will get an Oscar (not for best actress, mind you. For best custom)(duh!) Oh, this is holiday right? Can we please please please adore fur without this guilty feelings for a moment?

Pretty please?

Image taken from The Sartorialist