Shena Malsiana of X Factor Indonesia

by gimmegoodstyle

I know that Indonesia is such a rookie when it comes to cool singer and international hits. Wait, we don’t even have one! Pathetic. But behind all those mist of economic crisis and racism and Lady Gaga’s speech about Indonesia (still love ya Mother Monster), we have a bunch of cool singers.

The new singing competition based on X Factor U.S called X Factor Indonesia (very creative) successfully discovered Shena Malsiana. She is a jazz singer with Adele’s body and voice as good as her. I mean, she sang Paradise by Coldplay and she managed to cover it with her voice and made the song becomes different yet as beautiful as the original. That soothing voice and angelic children choir beside (not behind, but beside!) her is just the ‘extra’ points. The main points are her unique attitude and voice.

Man….you sense a lot of envy here. Envy envy envy.

P.S: She didn’t win, but I am sure she will find other way to make it into music industry. Good luck Shena!

P.P.S: Don’t listen to the judges, if you don’t understand a word. And I don’t really in the mood for translating for you. Just listen to her voice and pause when she finishes.