Gamu Moyo

by gimmegoodstyle

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Menswear is a tricky business. If you look closer, menswear designs never go anywhere dangerous or new. It’s not because menswear sucks or designers are lazy to observe new inspirations to create their designs. No, it’s simply because menswear’s items are pretty much the same. Same shirts with different patterns, same pants with different pockets, same coats with different buttons or zippers. That’s why people choose to go to womenswear designs where they can be really crazy and there are still some women who want to wear their clothes. After ruling the womenswear designs, they finally start to fall to menswear. In short, menswear is like a second choice, you can take it or you can leave it. Nothing really matters.

Thank God, there are a few design students that have enough sense not to take menswear design as something you can chew-then-spit-it, Gamu Moyo is one of them. Born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Johannesberg, Moyo is aware of different cultures and ethnics, making her designs pretty much contain those cultures. She admitted that she is a geek (eh, nope that’s my word) in gathering information about cultures. You probably are wondering why I talk about culture and her personal informations (is it personal?), it’s because culture is the main source of inspirations for designers. If you have open minded personality for other cultures, you will be easier to get inspirations and ideas. Moyo is a perfect example.

Her collection for Class Act Contest held by Kering and Parsons a few months (?) ago is a mixture between classic-simple/modern culture and exotic ones. The garments look unusual, there are a bit of messy style there and I really adore the way she styled the models, it’s like modern day-to-day style with a touch of uniqueness and something about Africa. Yeah, I know, but I really can’t describe the ‘africa’ feeling in words.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind to wear those scarves and shirts. They must be pretty good on me…okay, they must be pretty good on every single man because not only cultural, Moyo’s collection is also wearable and sell-able. Hmm, the next phase for her is to carefully observe the mass market’s trend and not to get trapped too deep on that artsy-bitsy-holes. A lot of designers have fallen to that sticky hole before and as fas as I know (or care), they never come back.

Apart from that, Moyo along with her classmates are pretty much new-big-deals in the industry. Let’s support and watch them…carefully.

P.S: I also featured one of her classmates (is she?) and she is as good as Moyo, check it out!

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